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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wow Total 180!

Well it's Wednesday and sometime during the night my sleepy subconscious and my fictional characters decided to completely change one of the main plot points to the story I am working on. I would be mad because that's A LOT of rewriting and revising but, it's a better storyline and conveys far more emotion and drive than the one before it! So who am I to argue with imaginary people and my own subconscious?

I am still hoping to have at least part of chapter 1 up by Friday. So please check back and as always feel free to comment, complain, ask questions, or just mention your own blog or book!
Here's another little something I wrote a while back, it may read a little confusing at first but try it again, you might like it!

Thanks as always for stopping by, please come back soon!

Until Next Time

I am deafened by the shrill scream
of the girl I use to be .
Her stomping juvenile feet
kick my heart making it jump,
her excitement fills my chest
making it hard to breath.
"it's him, it's him , it's him"
she chants in my ear
The woman I am now frowns
trying to ignore both the past
and her endless rantings.
The girl I use to be loved him ,
his smile, his eyes, his laugh,  
his total ignorance of her love.
The woman I am now tries not to look,
same smile, same laugh,
I thumb our wedding band ,
the woman I am now
loves a different man.
We pass, the girl I was,
the man he is,
the boy he was  
and the woman I am,
inside I am a wreck,
a pile up, a head on collision.
The girl I was and
the boy he is no more lock eyes. 
The woman I am can see
the man he is  
fighting the past
as hard as I am.
The boy he was and
the girl I use to be
scream to be set free, to run
into each others
older arms. As the man and
who I am now throw awkward smiles
and safe weather observations
at one another.
 Words like hand grenades 
fall around us,
 as we tip-toe through
verbal landmine fields,
 trying not to set anything off.
Smiling through
the passionate screams
of the girl I use to be  
"what if , what if what if....
he was the one"
We turn to walk away,
back to the lives we have now,
tearing the past lives
we shared apart.
I can hear the girl I used
to be sobbing,
cursing the woman I am now
for being moral
instead of spontaneous.
I glance back and  
catch him looking back too,
he was the one
I whisper to the girl,
 but that was another life time.
I take us all home,
her and me who we are
and who we use to be.
She sighs and
lets the boys memory free,
and I  sigh and think,
 "until again we meet ".

 Incase you were curious all the pictures I post,
minus book covers,
are photos I took at some time
or another, hope you enjoy them as well!!

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