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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Battle of the Storylines

Welcome back ! Glad to see you here. I stayed up well past midnight last night tooling around with the revamping of my story. Last night the changes were a no brainer, the rewritten sections all masterpieces! In the harsh daylight of today the old story line cries for my attention from the dark corner I banished it to. The first and original idea is the total basis of the story. I had the thought one day while driving aimlessly, kids screaming in the backseat, radio unsuccessfully drowning them out, and BAM idea.
 What if you made the choice to give up your child but years later you were put in the position to reclaim them, or let them go again?
 Mind you this had no basis in the fact that MY kids were driving me insane! I quickly built a story around this idea, and then the idea changed. 76 pages in, heart and soul pounded into cyberspace and poof, a whole new prospective for it.
What if you made the choice to walk away from your child forever, never looking back because it hurt too much, what if years later you were the only one who could save that child's life.
The raw emotions that came with the idea were over powering. I immediately jumped on the change and began reworking the story, a boat load of changes would have to be made to make the switch.
When I sat down today to continue, the old story tugged at my heart. Now I am stuck between the two, doubting my every key stroke. Has this ever happened to you? If so how did you deal with it? If not , of the two listed ideas above, which would catch your attention more as a reader?
Later today I am going to post a small portion of each, essentially the same scenes but with opposite story lines, please stop by and check them out and let me know your thoughts!
Thanks as always for your time! Hope you enjoy!

I just can't decide!

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