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Saturday, June 4, 2011


I just finished AngelFall by Susan Ee and I am dying for more!

AngelFall is an action packed, fast moving, hint of romance adventure that
should not be missed. Penryn is a typical teenage girl dealing with a
schizophrenic mother, a handicapped sister, oh and the end of the world as she
knows it. Angels have come to Earth destroying everything in thier path. When
her sister is taken by the Angels, Penryn will face hell on Earth to get her back
with only her crazy mother and a wingless angel to back her up.
You will be
swept up from page one and begging for more when the last page turns.
AngelFall has all the things a great book needs, action, romance likable and detestable  characters, surprises and twists, a roller coaster of feeling and thought all inside one novel!

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