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Monday, June 27, 2011

New Things on the Horizon

I hope to have a few chapters from my rough draft up by Friday. I'd love to get some feed back and hear ideas of what works and what doesn't, I'm even open to a full on "this sucks". I am open to any and  all comments and criticism. I've written stories my whole life, rarely ever letting anyone else read them. Same with my poems, but after meeting and chatting with so many amazing authors on such great sites as book blogs and good reads, I really want to venture out into the world and show everyone  what I've got! The best advice I could give to reclusive writers like myself is : Everyone is going to dislike something, but somewhere there's someone who loves your story and your characters as much as you do, and they deserve to read about them!
So keep an eye out for the first few chapters of Then,Now and Always coming soon!

Sixteen year old Cassandra Coven has to make the heart breaking choice that to love her baby she must let him go,but this choice comes with consequences. Not only will she lose her child but the only boy she's ever loved.Years later she is given a chance to to make right the things she regrets most, because now her son Connor needs her again.This just might be her last chance at love.

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