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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Non Book Related Babble

When I'm not reading or writing or RE-writing things I do tend to lean towards goofy jewelry making. It's been awhile since I made anything but now that I am off for the summer, LOOK OUT! My husband and I stayed up until 3am this morning making things. While he is more of a steam punk medals and weapons man,  I came up with what I call ,"Pocket Monsters". I called them that because most of them are made on or in the backs or bodies of deconstructed pocket watches. Personally I think they are really cool and will be replacing Pokemon in the near future, (in my head).
Here are some pictures of my Pocket Monsters, pardon the horrible photos it WAS three am and I didn't feel like getting my real camera out so I used my phone!
Hope you love them!

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