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Friday, August 17, 2012

Losing Connor

It's finally here! My first self-published book! Writing this book has been such an emotional journey in so many ways. It has made me look at life through new eyes, it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and it has rained a world of new friends down on me along the way. There are so many people who have extended a hand to help me get Losing Connor out the door and into the world. They know who they are , and hopefully they know exactly how much they mean to me.
Losing Connor is currently available at Amazon. Paperbacks are coming soon as well as a nook version. Hope you love it as much as I do!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Search for Artemis

By: P.D. Griffith

I really enjoyed this book. The author found a way to weave in the best ideas in fantasy and make them his own. Parts of this novel echo familiar fiction such as Harry Potter and X-men, but that was part of what drew me in. I recognized the idea, and yet Mr. Griffith makes them new and fresh.

Main character Landon Wicker has an extraordinary power. A power he until now had no idea dwelled within him. Its unfortunate reveal leaves poor Landon devastated and on the run.

Full of action, mystery and magic this is a story for anyone who loves the impossible, for anyone who as a child sat outside or in their room and tried to push something with their mind or levitate off the ground. This story is for those who always wanted to believe, because author P.D. Griffith makes it real.

My only criticism would be praise in part as well. The book is heavy with imaginative description and detail, which at times draws you further in and immerses you in the wonderful world Landon lives in, but there were times when I found myself skimming over the wordy parts in search of the action or more mystery.

All in all, this book was well worth reading.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I don't normally read Sci-Fi books, too weird or the character names are 27 letters long and lack any vowels. But D.H. Kay has written a sci fi book I think any reader would enjoy.
Worlds Apart is split between two characters who are literally "worlds apart" Roger has found himself far from home in a place where he can only trust himself.
Bill, while still safely on planet Earth, is no better off than Roger as he too is under attack. I don't like to give anything away in my reviews so let me just say this is a well written and wonderful action sci-fi story! Like all science fiction there is some technical over my head jargon but for the most part it is just a great story full of action and wild unpredictability that left me turning pages well past bedtime.Worlds Apart is engageing and a pleasure to read!
I loved every minute of it, I hope this author has more works coming soon in the future!

Find it HERE

Click: An Online Love Story

By: Lisa Becker

In today’s world technology is king. We text, we email, we cyber date, everything is done with technology, so Click is the perfect love story for today! In this witty and heartwarming romance the main character exchanges emails with a cast of friends and dating prospects in an effort to find the man of her dreams.

The flow of conversation between the characters is very natural and made me laugh out loud a few times because it reminded me so much of emails I send. The banter between the female characters and their often hilarious mention of possible datable men is right on target. All the way down to giving the men nicknames like Preppy Dude and The Cuddler.

Honestly I was put off at first by the email format but once I got rolling in the storyline and caught up in the characters I hardly even noticed it anymore. So if at first it doesn’t agree with you keep reading it’s worth it!

Can Renee navigate the world of online dating and find Mr. Right? How right does he have to be? Will a shocking revelation ruin her chances? Click on over to Amazon and order Click: An Online Love Story to find out!

Find it on Amazon HERE

Follow the author to find out more about the upcoming sequel !! HERE

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paul Magrid tells a beautiful story about life, love and forgiveness in a way I personally have never heard it before. Rich descriptions, breath taking settings and characters that pull you into the pages await anyone willing to open the cover.
The story revolves around a man named Joseph who is struggling with nightmares and tragedy. Readers follow him not only through his life, the gorgeous setting of India but also through his past lives that have brought him to where he is today. Joseph must learn from his past mistakes to move on.
Lifting the Wheel of Karma is not what you expect when you read the title. I first envisioned a more "self help" "preachy" type of book, but was pleasantly surprised with a powerful story that not so much teaches as introduces readers to the power and the burden of life and forgiveness.
Well worth the time and the money!

Find it on Amazon HERE

Monday, July 2, 2012


Book One of The Akasha Series

By: Terra Harmony

Water dives right into the action. That was the very first thing I loved about the story. You immediately fall into danger with the main character Kaitlyn as she desperately tries to outrun an avalanche. Kaitlyns life has been a chain of catastrophes and tragedies and we quickly learn why.

In this fast paced, eco drama it’s easy to get caught up in the story as well as the wonderfully delicious and devious characters, but there’s so much more to it than that. I love the world of magic and Mother Nature that author Terra Harmony builds for us in this book. Kaitlyn is obviously a little broken after the life that she has had, but she is also strong willed and brave, it is easy to relate to and love her from the very beginning.

Water is a fresh novel with will awaken your spirit and have you begging for the next book!

Find it on Amazon today! HERE
Book 2 also available!
She carries more than just elemental powers. In ‘Air’, the sequel to ‘Water’ of the Akasha Series, Kaitlyn has a secret. One she won’t be able to hide much longer. As the strongest Gaia the planet has ever seen, she must face mankind’s greatest enemy as he campaigns for ‘One Less: Depopulation’. Everything depends on Kaitlyn fully embracing her role as Gaia. Her family. The Seven. The Earth. Something has to give, and it won’t be Kaitlyn.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


By: Arun D. Ellis

Corpalism is a well written fiction book with a strong nonfiction theme. It moves through the span of two decades through a web of strong characters. Full of wit, sarcasm and powerful political beliefs I found it to be an interesting read. Mr. Ellis has a wonderful writing style, easily filling the pages with situations and characters built to open the reader’s eyes to possible future problems in the real world.

My only complaint would be the length of the book. It could have easily been broken into three separate books and tweaked to make an epic trilogy of a greed filled dystopian future.

I suggest this book to anyone who believes in government greed and the power of the people. Read it in sections, and read it for what it is, a fiction book. It’s sure to capture your imagination along the way.

718 pages

Find it on Amazon $1.00 for Kindle version right now