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Saturday, November 26, 2011

REVIEW: In My Mind's Eye

In My Mind’s Eye

By: Justin Marciano

 Chased by the Klan, assaulted by family, influenced by friends, and shaped by environment, this narrative takes the reader through one man's life as a suburban teenager in Connecticut. The story is told in narrative shorts that go from violence to the guilt of stealing from a church. The reader will feel sympathy in one story, anger in the next and frustrating humor throughout. The author purposely takes the reader on a joyride through the lunacy that is captured in every story. The author's perspective emanates from every page. Open the book and be captured by the elegant insanity that becomes In My Mind's Eye.

In this quick and entertaining read the author Justin Marciano takes us on an emotional journey through his childhood. Reminiscent of “Sh*t My Dad Says” there are points where you don’t know whether to laugh or call CPS!
Witty and full of surprises this is a great read for anyone who has overcome parents that love you, in their own special way.
While some readers may be put off by the language or the ADHD jumps from one story to another, I found it all endearing and refreshingly honest. We all have those moments in our childhood that make or break us, author Justin Marciano just happened to have a book full of them.
I loved the humor, the emotion the honesty. My only complaint was the length, I wanted more!
·         Paperback: 128 pages
·         Publisher: CreateSpace (August 3, 2011)
·         Language: English
·         ISBN-10: 1461151902
·         ISBN-13: 978-1461151906
·         Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.2 x 0.3 inches
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Monday, November 14, 2011



By: Daniel Rasic

SYNOPSIS: Dr. Paul Alban has tried hard to forget. He's managed to carve out a quiet and relatively anonymous existence with his girlfriend Ellen while working as a physician in Somalia. But when a Somali pirate is injured during the hijacking of a cargo ship and brought to his clinic for treatment in the coastal town of Bosasso, the demons of his past threaten to destroy the future he's trying to protect.

I found that there were plenty of reviews giving the plot summary and details so I thought it best to just share how I felt about the work.

Being a lover of YA romance and paranormal books of all kinds I was worried when the opening scene involved the American Government and the heart pounding intricacies of water boarding, but I continued on and was very happy that I did.

I liked the offering of the “bad” guy’s side of the story through his own eyes, as we ride along with the pirates and learn of their background, troubles and motivations.

Dr. Paul Alban is a moving character who is fighting to keep his world the way he has worked so hard make it. While in the beginning I found him difficult to cheer for in the end I loved him more for all of his faults.

There are points in the story that feel akin to a giant melting pot of twists and plot surprises but the literary stew that Rasic brings out of that pot is well worth it!

Many  sections were beautifully written, some scenes almost seem to flow like lines of poetry, while others faltered a little in wording, a simple once over revision to clear repetitive wording would polish this novel into a top ten easily. Strong characters, plot twists to spare, but wonderfully assembled into one amazing adventure!

Graphic, breathtaking, and full of action, Pirates of Aden is not for the weak of stomach!

After reading Pirates of Aden, I think I will stray more often from my genre of choice and into a more wildly action packed world of action thrillers!

·         Paperback: 464 pages

·         Publisher: Wings Epress (2011)

·         Language: English

·         ISBN-10: 1613099924

·         ISBN-13: 978-1613099926

Direct from Wings e-Press HERE

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Climax Buddy

Whoa whoa whoa! Perverts! It's not what you think! I am in a dilemma, as I often am. I have 5 count them on your fingers 5 stories started, all in various stages of unfinished, all suffering from the same ailment.


I have these thoughts, often at the very worst times possible, the shower, at work, the tiny moment in time right before you fall into a dream, when these wonderful story lines decide to nest in my brain. I can almost taste the dramatic beginnings, I have even cried over the tragic ends that I have seen, and yet as my fingers fly across my keyboard I always hit a wall.


I know what the turning point entails, I know the action packed, tear filled jet that will crash my reader through it, I fail, miserably might I add at the tiny moments before and after. I find myself trudging slowly up the plot mountain, dying for the exact moment when all hell will break lose and transform all those in its path, in one case I cleared that mountain and became stranded on the descent. I can see the ground below but my ropes too short, my brain too focused on the end.

Does anyone else have this problem? I hear so often about troubles with writers block, and character development and even plot in general, but nothing as horridly specific as my problem.

HELP ME! I feel like I have these wonderful stories that are BEGGING me to write them. Pleading with me to let the run free in the hearts and souls of anyone willing to read them, but yet like a Saturday cliff hanger cartoon, my stories grind to a halt and quite often remain there.

I am open to suggestions, advise, ideas, techniques, plans, and floggings. Anything to get me past the wall and to the bottom of my mental mountain!!!

My tiny inspiration to never give up

Monday, November 7, 2011

REVIEW Aralen Dreams

Aralen Dreams

By: Charles Thompson

Synopsis: When John Dillon abandons an unfulfilling job on Wall Street, the Peace Corps sends him to a muddy mountain village in Panama where flesh-eating disease, homegrown dope, and a balding dog become his closest companions. Before long, however, John falls for Elena – a starry-eyed idealist with a strict Mormon upbringing and a startling past. John and Elena travel long distances in handmade canoes and rusted-out buses to share a precious night in the capital. And just as they adapt to their new life, their love is jeopardized by savage violence.

I was transported from the beginning. John Dillon, I believe resides in the heart of us all at one point in our lives. Young, ambitious and out to change the world he joins the Peace Corps. Leaving behind the comforts and safeties of home, John begins his adventure in Panama, a beautiful but dangerous place for people looking to make changes.

We follow John as he faces numerous obstacles that range from hard headed old Panamanian farmers, to an unwanted dog with mange, to the hardships love can bring.

From day one John loves everything about Elena, her hair, her eyes, her ambition. As they struggle to keep their love and try to mend the small communities they are working with disaster strikes. How far can one man be pushed? And how far can a broken man push back?

Romance, adventure and courage are the building blocks of this amazing read. Get lost in the remote jungle towns, give in to the ways of the locals and don’t forget to beware the Aralen Dreams.

What kept me hooked were the realistic characters that I quickly grew to know and love. The wit of the author and the non-apologetic, raw honesty of many of the scenes took my breath away, kept me on the edge of my seat and brought tears to my eyes.  I was pulled into each scene by the vivid imagery and wild landscapes painted so well with the words on the page.

While the lusty “romantic” parts may not be for everyone, they held a true to life quality that gave me the feeling of being a peeper more than a reader.

While I wish there had been more to the “Aralen dreams”, more nightmares, more hallucinations, more to allude to the title, there was enough to make me appreciate the characters dislike of the pills, and love the way he finally put them to good use.

So jump off your couch and into a wild adventure abroad, at the end you may just want to change the world!

·         Format: Kindle Edition

·         File Size: 282 KB

·         Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0615509843

·         Publisher: Third Goal Books (July 15, 2011)

·         Sold by: Amazon Digital Services

·         Language: English

·         ASIN: B005CQ8VNA

·         Lending: Enabled

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