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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review: Soul Mates

Soul Mates

By: Kerry Mirza

     How sure are you? What if everything you ever believed in was put to the ultimate test? Nicholas Bishop, passing from the physical earth a century prior, never thought death would be so complicated. Now he has an active role in the Presence, a Tracer trapped in the Plexus, where he is charged with dispatching evil souls to hell without actually falling to the dark side himself. The two groups in the Plexus, Tracers and Hailites, are in charge of balancing the power of good. However, the peace between them is waning. Will that end in disaster? To make matters worse, a new partner is introduced to the Plexus. Bonnie, a Hailite, may be all that Nicholas needs to survive his past and future. Will his interest in Bonnie cause the Presence to fall to the demons? Or will Bonnie be exactly what Nicholas needs a Soul Mate? In this fast-paced, thought-proving book, you'll follow along as the unseen battle rages on...

My Summary
Soul Mates is a fresh look into the supernatural world of good and evil. Nicholas Bishop, bitter after his untimely demise finds himself in the Plexus, a place that sits snuggly between the living and the spirit world. Bored with his new existence Nicholas is lost and alone, but everything around him is about to change.
Kerry Mirza does a wonderful job of creating a strange new place and weaving several stories together into one grand adventure. Nicholas must fight his pull towards the evil side while battling the wickedness inside the Lark family home when his new partner arrives, a Hailites named Bonnie. Beautiful, innocent and the sheer essence of good Bonnie changes Nicholas’s world completely. In love and facing the most powerful evil the plexus has ever seen Bonnie and Nicholas must fight to save each other and everything they know, but can Nicholas survive the pull of evil? How far will the two go to protect each other? Will the Lark family ever be free of the malevolent spirit wreaking havoc inside their home?
Soul Mates is an excellent mix of romance, adventure and fear. A perfect read for anyone who enjoys paranormal romance.
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