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Thursday, July 7, 2011


The Other Side of the Window

By: Chloe Bierge
Imagine waking up one day and feeling like a stranger had taken over your brain. Forcing you to do things you know make you look crazy. Imagine how that would alter your life and how others looked at you. How would you cope? Who would you tell? Imagine if no one believed you.
     Savannah Bloom lives an idyllic life in the small town of Saddlebrook. Working as a journalist in a town where nothing is out of the ordinary she writes human interest pieces on the quiet towns folk.
     Until the day she becomes the story. Driven by OCD everything in Savannah’s life changed almost overnight. Using her journalist skills and the wonder of to help her find answers, she fights to regain her free will. Will anyone listen to her? Or will she end up like her poor Aunt Martha, locked away and forgotten?
     I enjoyed this book because Savannah is a very interesting character in a very unusual situation. To wake up one day and be compelled to do things you know are not normal is quite mind boggling. Her struggle to be believed, to find a working treatment and to regain her life takes you on a spiraling ride into one woman’s mental disorder.
     Intertwined in her story are the wonderful stories of the town’s people that she writes about. Chloe Bierge does a magnificent job of weaving all of their lives together and wrapping it around the main character.

     Take a chance to be on the other side of the window looking in as Savannah’s life unravels, her story will stay with you and make you look at those around you with a little more compassion and understanding, and maybe even a little more paranoia!

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