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Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: The Black Witch

It was the adventure of a life time. In an obscure marina off the shores of Maryland a schooner unlike any other ever built was discovered. Dorian and Diana Coe purchased the schooner and sailed from the shores of tranquility into the bowels of hell itself.
Prurient tales of suicide, murder, and the disappearance of an entire crew were hand written within the ship’s logs.
On her decks sailed a well seasoned Captain and crew that never knew the schooner’s shadowed past. The new owners ignored the words of men with integrity and sailed the Black Witch in the Spring of 1935.
Into the realms of illusion and pure evil the ship and its compliment sailed never knowing the fate awaiting them! (Excerpt from Author's website)

The Black Witch

By: Micheal Rivers

The Black Witch is a richly written tale of horror that takes place on the high seas. The cursed vessels past is intricately intertwined through the ships logs as the new owners Diana and Dorian Coe purchase the schooner.

Once at sea the old ships gruesome history takes over and the passengers are left at the mercy of Dorian Coe as he loses his mind.

Full of adventure, mystery and ghosts, The Black Witch is a frightening ride for sailing enthusiast and landlubbers alike!
Visit the author's website HERE!

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