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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

REVIEW: The Hour of Tiamat

The Hour of Tiamat
By Lisa Taylor

We've all heard of the Mayan predictions of a vast change coming in the year 2012; but it turns out the ancient Sumerian people had a very similar prophecy…
The dreaded Necronomicon, a book of fable said to contain all the ancient knowledge of the Sumerian civilization has surfaced and fallen into the hands of four teenagers in a small Texas town. Tonight, after years of studying its dark teachings in secret, they gather to call back to Earth those Gods that tried to enslave humanity over ten thousand years ago, and in turn become rulers themselves.

What do you get when you mix three misled teens, one sociopath leader, a girl with a tragic past and unsatisfying present, a ghost and a strange little boy who likes to cry in the woods? A roller coaster ride towards the end of the world!

How far would you go to stop the end of the world? To save the one you love, even if they can’t love you anymore? Would you go to hell just to be close to someone?

Tristan can’t believe he’s been stupid enough to follow Celicia, Malaki and Tara as they plot to bring the end of the world. In too deep to stop now he helps them open the gate and usher in the end of times. Only to learn there is a fifth person in the woods watching them.

Evelyn loves walking in the woods at after dark. Little does she know this night would be filled with terror and mystery. Stumbling upon a seemingly lost little boy and a foursome of evil doers, Evelyn gets caught up in the fray.

Now with the end of the world coming all Tristan can think about it trying to stop what he helped start and protecting Evelyn from the other three in his circle.

Together they begin the journey to find the answers to saving the world. Every step brings them closer to what they need as well as to each other. But will Tristan’s secret tear them apart? How much betrayal can Evelyn forgive?

Lisa Taylor weaves a powerful tale of murder, demons, and love. Follow along with Tristan and Evelyn as they face the end of the world.

I really enjoyed this read. It was full of surprises and twists that kept me reading thru until the end!

Check out Lisa Taylor’s website to purchase The Hour of Tiamat and learn about her other works as well!
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  1. The first paragraph alone of the description is enough to snag my interest! What a ride this sounds like indeed...

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it.