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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

REVIEW: Forever Yours

Forever Yours

By: Melissa M. Marlow

Fifteen year old Sarah spends most of her weekends up north at her family’s cabin. Her father moved there to open a new business while she and her mother stayed in the city. Sarah loves weekends up in the country. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life she feels free to be herself; a shy somewhat awkward tomboy.
One fateful weekend Sarah is introduced to a young man who works for her father. Jason is gorgeous, and funny and for some reason wants to spend time with her. Sarah falls for him immediately, there’s only one problem, she’s 15 and he’s 20.He swears to wait for her, telling her to live her life to the fullest he’ll always be there. Full of love and hopes for a time when they can be together, Sarah struggles to get through the long weeks that keep them separated.
On her next visit she meets Jason’s friend James, a flirty, confident, 19 year old, Native American who also works for her father. Jason pleads with her to steer clear of James, but as Jason’s visits begin to taper off, James becomes more available to her.
Stuck between two boys who are so perfect in their own ways and trapped by the bonds of age Sarah must decide what is best for her. Is she too young for the demands of a relationship with an older boy? Can she stand to be apart for so long? Will either of them really wait for her?
Forever Yours is a romance filled trip through the eyes of a love torn girl who is fighting to find who she is in the world.  You’ll find yourself falling in love with both Jason and James and their sweet romantic ways. You’ll be torn between the two just as much as Sarah, as they all face the hardships of growing up, falling in love and making choices for life. Packed with passion Forever Yours will leave you feeling giddy and love struck and wanting more, lots more.
Book Two: Wasting Away available now!
Sarah has made her choice but now she faces even bigger struggles than love and distance. When Sarah falls ill, the people who love her most will fight to save her. But how do you save someone from themselves?

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