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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review: Shadows from the Past By: Ashley Dawn

Shadows from the Past

By: Ashley Dawn

Aurora Kavvan has lost so many things in her life; her faith in God, her older brother and the only man she has ever loved. Without God to guide her,her older brother to protect her,or love to soothe her wounds Aurora is left bitter and standoffish working in a man’s world as an undercover police officer. Still chasing the unsolved murder of her brother Aurora herself becomes a target. In this inspiring,romance mystery Aurora will find things are not always the way she sees them, and she will have to love herself first before she can once again love God or anyone else. With so many others willing to give her a second chance at life, will Aurora be willing to give herself a chance before the dangerous game of cat and mouse she is playing with a killer , leaves her dead?

The characters in this book will reach out and steal your heart! Aurora Kavvan is a lovable albeit self depreciating police officer who will do anything for her fellow officers except let them in. The witty banter and the relaxed interactions that take place between all of the characters flows so effortlessly and smoothly it’s almost like watching it on TV. Their actions,as well as their dialogue,is natural, making the reader feel much closer to the characters than in most books. Full of action, romance and honest, heartfelt faith Shadows of the Past is a moving and entertaining read, that will leave you ready for more. The sequel Shadows of Suspicion will be the next book I review, which I am EXTREMELY excited about since I fell so in love with the characters in the first book! I am sure these characters are ones that will stick with me for some time!

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