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Monday, November 7, 2011

REVIEW Aralen Dreams

Aralen Dreams

By: Charles Thompson

Synopsis: When John Dillon abandons an unfulfilling job on Wall Street, the Peace Corps sends him to a muddy mountain village in Panama where flesh-eating disease, homegrown dope, and a balding dog become his closest companions. Before long, however, John falls for Elena – a starry-eyed idealist with a strict Mormon upbringing and a startling past. John and Elena travel long distances in handmade canoes and rusted-out buses to share a precious night in the capital. And just as they adapt to their new life, their love is jeopardized by savage violence.

I was transported from the beginning. John Dillon, I believe resides in the heart of us all at one point in our lives. Young, ambitious and out to change the world he joins the Peace Corps. Leaving behind the comforts and safeties of home, John begins his adventure in Panama, a beautiful but dangerous place for people looking to make changes.

We follow John as he faces numerous obstacles that range from hard headed old Panamanian farmers, to an unwanted dog with mange, to the hardships love can bring.

From day one John loves everything about Elena, her hair, her eyes, her ambition. As they struggle to keep their love and try to mend the small communities they are working with disaster strikes. How far can one man be pushed? And how far can a broken man push back?

Romance, adventure and courage are the building blocks of this amazing read. Get lost in the remote jungle towns, give in to the ways of the locals and don’t forget to beware the Aralen Dreams.

What kept me hooked were the realistic characters that I quickly grew to know and love. The wit of the author and the non-apologetic, raw honesty of many of the scenes took my breath away, kept me on the edge of my seat and brought tears to my eyes.  I was pulled into each scene by the vivid imagery and wild landscapes painted so well with the words on the page.

While the lusty “romantic” parts may not be for everyone, they held a true to life quality that gave me the feeling of being a peeper more than a reader.

While I wish there had been more to the “Aralen dreams”, more nightmares, more hallucinations, more to allude to the title, there was enough to make me appreciate the characters dislike of the pills, and love the way he finally put them to good use.

So jump off your couch and into a wild adventure abroad, at the end you may just want to change the world!

·         Format: Kindle Edition

·         File Size: 282 KB

·         Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0615509843

·         Publisher: Third Goal Books (July 15, 2011)

·         Sold by: Amazon Digital Services

·         Language: English

·         ASIN: B005CQ8VNA

·         Lending: Enabled

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