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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Climax Buddy

Whoa whoa whoa! Perverts! It's not what you think! I am in a dilemma, as I often am. I have 5 count them on your fingers 5 stories started, all in various stages of unfinished, all suffering from the same ailment.


I have these thoughts, often at the very worst times possible, the shower, at work, the tiny moment in time right before you fall into a dream, when these wonderful story lines decide to nest in my brain. I can almost taste the dramatic beginnings, I have even cried over the tragic ends that I have seen, and yet as my fingers fly across my keyboard I always hit a wall.


I know what the turning point entails, I know the action packed, tear filled jet that will crash my reader through it, I fail, miserably might I add at the tiny moments before and after. I find myself trudging slowly up the plot mountain, dying for the exact moment when all hell will break lose and transform all those in its path, in one case I cleared that mountain and became stranded on the descent. I can see the ground below but my ropes too short, my brain too focused on the end.

Does anyone else have this problem? I hear so often about troubles with writers block, and character development and even plot in general, but nothing as horridly specific as my problem.

HELP ME! I feel like I have these wonderful stories that are BEGGING me to write them. Pleading with me to let the run free in the hearts and souls of anyone willing to read them, but yet like a Saturday cliff hanger cartoon, my stories grind to a halt and quite often remain there.

I am open to suggestions, advise, ideas, techniques, plans, and floggings. Anything to get me past the wall and to the bottom of my mental mountain!!!

My tiny inspiration to never give up

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