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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I don't normally read Sci-Fi books, too weird or the character names are 27 letters long and lack any vowels. But D.H. Kay has written a sci fi book I think any reader would enjoy.
Worlds Apart is split between two characters who are literally "worlds apart" Roger has found himself far from home in a place where he can only trust himself.
Bill, while still safely on planet Earth, is no better off than Roger as he too is under attack. I don't like to give anything away in my reviews so let me just say this is a well written and wonderful action sci-fi story! Like all science fiction there is some technical over my head jargon but for the most part it is just a great story full of action and wild unpredictability that left me turning pages well past bedtime.Worlds Apart is engageing and a pleasure to read!
I loved every minute of it, I hope this author has more works coming soon in the future!

Find it HERE

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