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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Search for Artemis

By: P.D. Griffith

I really enjoyed this book. The author found a way to weave in the best ideas in fantasy and make them his own. Parts of this novel echo familiar fiction such as Harry Potter and X-men, but that was part of what drew me in. I recognized the idea, and yet Mr. Griffith makes them new and fresh.

Main character Landon Wicker has an extraordinary power. A power he until now had no idea dwelled within him. Its unfortunate reveal leaves poor Landon devastated and on the run.

Full of action, mystery and magic this is a story for anyone who loves the impossible, for anyone who as a child sat outside or in their room and tried to push something with their mind or levitate off the ground. This story is for those who always wanted to believe, because author P.D. Griffith makes it real.

My only criticism would be praise in part as well. The book is heavy with imaginative description and detail, which at times draws you further in and immerses you in the wonderful world Landon lives in, but there were times when I found myself skimming over the wordy parts in search of the action or more mystery.

All in all, this book was well worth reading.
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