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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Click: An Online Love Story

By: Lisa Becker

In today’s world technology is king. We text, we email, we cyber date, everything is done with technology, so Click is the perfect love story for today! In this witty and heartwarming romance the main character exchanges emails with a cast of friends and dating prospects in an effort to find the man of her dreams.

The flow of conversation between the characters is very natural and made me laugh out loud a few times because it reminded me so much of emails I send. The banter between the female characters and their often hilarious mention of possible datable men is right on target. All the way down to giving the men nicknames like Preppy Dude and The Cuddler.

Honestly I was put off at first by the email format but once I got rolling in the storyline and caught up in the characters I hardly even noticed it anymore. So if at first it doesn’t agree with you keep reading it’s worth it!

Can Renee navigate the world of online dating and find Mr. Right? How right does he have to be? Will a shocking revelation ruin her chances? Click on over to Amazon and order Click: An Online Love Story to find out!

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